Open Letter to Prospective Buyers

D R A F T ~11/27/19
Mr. Chris Matthews, Atty. Brian Palmucci:”…please consider this email to be a friendly request to take the website down today. If it’s not down by 5pm today, Monday, February 4, 2019 you will both be sent a formal cease and desist notice from the association attorney with a timeline for legal action.


 This site will come down after the next legal, by-the-book elections, and stay down as long as the property is managed in a legal and by-the-book manner.


This grand old place has some serious problems which must be addressed first, then we’d be happy to sell you our unit with a clear conscience.

Because buying into an old, self-managed condo property of 23 modest units in Massachusetts is a very, very risky business.

That’s because the laws that protect condo owners from renegade boards/trustees can be easily breached, leaving the owners and their homes unprotected from the whims of some seriously flawed people. It’s been that way for over 30 years and has got to change. There’s help on the way (HB669), but it takes time.

This page will eventually prove that and so much more, so stay tuned. I intend to update this daily-ish.

But in the meantime, you may want to contact a boardmember and ask a few  start-off questions like,

> Are owners ever allowed to view the books and records as required by law?

> Have the books ever been audited by a third party?

> Do you feel that  the present board was legally elected?

> Have you released all the information regarding the storm damage 18 months ago? Was there structural damage to any of the buildings and are repairs being made?

> Are there any assessments anticipated in the foreseeable future?

> Do you believe the owners have any  voice in the management of the property? Can they table motions? Have meetings? Allowed to criticize without reprisals? Run for a board seat without interference?

> Do you feed the owners a constant stream of pure farcical BS?

> Are any board members getting paid for their services? How much?

Here’s a small piece of an article from The Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog. Massachuse

  Dealing With Dysfunctional Massachusetts Condominium Trustees & Homeowner Associations

by RICH VETSTEIN on MAY 10, 2011


images-12I’ve been getting a fair amount of calls these days regarding what I like to term dysfunctional condominium management. Usually these are smaller, self-managed condominiums, converted multi-family homes, etc. Sometimes, however, the problem of dysfunctional condominium management can plague larger condominiums.

As I often tell clients, condominiums often bring out the worst in people. Professionalism and respect get thrown out the door, and childish behavior rules.

The problems can range from poor to no financial management, unpaid monthly condominium fees, problems with the transition from the original developer to the association of unit owners, power hungry condo trustees, special assessments, and disputes over costly repairs and capital improvements. Here’s some advice for would-be condominium buyers and condo unit owners to prevent and deal with dysfunctional condominium management problems.

Dealing With A Dysfunctional Condominium Board of Trustees or Association

A. Financial Mismanagement

A condominium is supposed to run like a democracy with trustees being elected by the majority of unit owners, and subject to being voted out of office when they do a poor job. The procedures for elections and removal should be set forth in the condominium declaration of trust/by-laws. In the case … 

Continued on the blog

The boards address is Phone calls specifically not recommended.

I’d be ecstatic if anyone wants to publicly challenge anything on this site. I’m documented to the teeth and have truth on my side, so come on.

My address is


Please stay tuned…


Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Prospective Buyers

  1. Codominium owners should be intimated about all the laws and procedures, before they buy the spefic property, queries like how this property will be managed, repairs, disputes etc. will be addressed, so that they know what they are getting into.


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