Mold Issues in the North Building

D R A F T  Work in Progress


The result of all those years of neglect is finally rearing it’s ugly, slimy head in the North Building.

Mold. Nasty and toxic. And one of the many reasons buildings, especially old ones, have to be maintained. It’s not optional and IS the responsibility of the ~board regardless of their opinion.

This would be a good time for the board to actually do its job and step up and address the situation

Because of where it is, this unit gets it first and worst, but this is a building-wide problem that’s gong to

Documents Withheld From Owners

Early D R A F T

Besides withholding the financials, bank statement, meeyinh minutes etc etc., the ~board also is withholding specific documents which are important to some or all of the owners.

  • Results of the structural inspection of the North Building after the storm of March 2018
  • Results of the mold inspection of the North Building in Nov 2019 (Released Jan, 2020)
  • Itemization of the insurance settlements resulting from the Storm in 2018
  • Itemization of legal fees being incurred by the board