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06/24/20 updated

 This site will come down after the next legal, by-the-book elections, and stay down as long as the property is managed in a legal and by-the-book manner.


The system here is not for everybody, but many people deal with it. We don’t have meetings or elections or anything like it. What’s called a board is actually a self-appointed clique of owners who’ve been mis-managing the place since the ’80s. Nice and simple for people who like things simple but it’s cost us dearly over the years so it’s not at all nice.

I believe all the issues bulleted on the home page have serious implications for any dutiful buyer as well as any conscientious seller. The ~board should address every one of them, particularly the one regarding future assessments. I’d be happy to give them all the site-space they need to respond if they want it.

Despite the recent surge of cosmetic prettifying for its curb appeal, parts of this old property need some serious attention. And this will cost money and the board says there is none so the subject of future assessments must be raised with any buyer.

Plenty more dirt in the rest of the site, if you need it.